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Random SS - Random SS Empty Random SS - Random SS

Post  ob1xr6 Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:26 am

Hi GlobalRacerS Razz

Thought I would share some Random shots I found while cleaning out my SS Folder in the PC. Hope to find some other misc. ones soon......have found another nice from LONG AGO of two current Crew Members....caught in a Random SS of mine!!!!
See Below to see who it was!

If anyone has any Random SS you wish to share, pls feel free to post it in here. A good laugh can be had and it's good to see what shots may be out there! Thanks all!!!

This is me & Boost doing our Best to clean up the Dirty Paint Sniffing Scum that lurks around DD king This chap was arrested for being Under the Influence of Paint / Booze / Numerous Drugs & and for Pocession of skill but wasting it in a looser lol!
Random SS - Random SS Ss4grf11

This was taken as Minx / I & Boost were heading out to Party. Boost thought it a good idea to see if he could pass himself off as a car worthy of mitto.... Unfortunately no one bought the spoilt merchandise Embarassed
Random SS - Random SS Ss4grf12

Shot was taken in Area 71.. Guess the big sign in the back ground gives it away... Took GT, Boost and I ages getting in here Smile The hardest thing was getting passer byer to knock us in...lmao We raced around the inner track for ages..Great fun. We should all head out there sometime...
Random SS - Random SS Ss4grf13

errmmm..... yees. Thought I would throw this one in there as well.. Anyone ever got his in DC b4? I get this sometimes when i sit in the one spot and do hundreds of combo's (which is what happened this time..rofl) Weird though Question
Random SS - Random SS Ss4grf14

I just like this one..hehehehe... This was our - V6 Race meeting which was farking great fun Twisted Evil The 'After Party Pic's' are in the other posts in this section.. Check them out
Random SS - Random SS Ss4grf15

Last one for now, and this one spun me out the most.... Check out who i found in a Random SS i took once Shocked Its funny the things you find when going through them all Suspect
Random SS - Random SS Ss4grf16

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